In The White by anacorreal

In The White

by anacorreal in Digital

To overcome this
I become one with
The quiet cold of late november
If you don't see
I'll remain unseen
Until there's time to be remembered

Katatonia - In The White

Few times in my life have I fought so much with myself to finish an image. This was challenging in more ways than one, and it had the most changes I've ever made to an image of mine. It's a love-hate relationship, when you really REALLY want to finish it to move on with the next thing and end up hating that the process never ends, but at the same time you're telling yourself "don't you dare put this in the backburner, and no, that doesn't look good yet, continue". For some strange reason I couldn't let this go. It wouldn't work for such a long time, and it wouldn't let me work on anything else!!!

I think it's ready. I think...

I have to upload some details, they're really cool if I say so myself. I'd also like to upload the scenery without the model. It just works so good by itself. I might use it again for a project I have in mind...

Hope you like it! This one in particular is really special to me.

All stock is mine

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