Cancer Poster by ambarinaaltaf

Cancer Poster

by ambarinaaltaf in Typography

HOPE - the only thing i can say for the patients and their family members is is like wat oxygen is for lungs...same way hope is the meaning for life.....

Sometimes miracles do happen just believe in yourself because you've to be strong no matter what atleast for the sake of your family and by the title 'can-sur-VIVE' people surely would've understood the message behind it..

This is my first entry for the ' dAream Relay' Contest held by #deviantHeart

About the poster -
Wel I didnt had this thing in my mind I wanted to write something some positive adjectives on the flower..A-Z..and so while searching for all the alphabet wise adjectives i came across 'Hope' and suddenly i thought of writing on the flower but I didn't wanted it to be simple so did the text part in Xara3d...
since the letter "O" resembles much to the circle thingy*dont know what we say to that particular position lol* I dint feel like adding that specific letter.
I added some leaves at the stem so thatt it gives a positive view like even at the least a little hope and faith can bring it back to normal..

you guys wont believe but i had almost completed the adjective flower poster( i still have that psd with me...but that one sucks infront of this)))
anyway i used Photoshop, Xara...and the picture i got from google....first i had searched for sunflower picture and then vector sunflower so got these...

thanks to google

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