Gabrielle's Realm by alexzeev

Gabrielle's Realm

by alexzeev in Mixed Media

I Bless You, Forests

"I bless you, forests, valleys, fields, mountains, waters,
I bless freedom and blue skies.

I bless my staff and my humble rags.
And the steppe from beginning to end,
And the sun's light, and night's darkness,

And the path I walk, pauper that I am,
And, in the field every blade of grass,
and every star in the sky!

O! if only I could encompass all life,
And join my soul with yours.
O! if only I could embrace you all,
Enemies, friends and brothers, and all nature,
And enfold all nature in my arms!"

Poem by Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy

AMAPI Pro, Poser Pro 2012, POV-Ray Render, Post Production and Digital Painting in Photoshop.
Code: 1202171100247, SafeCreative© Copyright Registry.

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