The Nymph of the Paints by alexknight

The Nymph of the Paints

by alexknight in Art Nymphs

2010. Paint tool SAI/Photoshop CS4/Corel Draw. This is a project I created back in 2010, with the making of the Nymph of the Drawings for a contest of Art Nouveau and Kemonomimi characters I never won, the result is that I expanded to a circle of 5 Nymphs who are with the artist at all times creating, imaginating, drawing, coloring and painting as I named all these nymphs, because somehow they are around you helping when you never get noticed.

This is the Nymph of the Paints, is a Red Panda Girl and a very disciplinated one, if you love the painting she always take care of you and drives you to worlds never seen before.

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