Ruined Temple of the Horned Ones by albino-Z

Ruined Temple of the Horned Ones

by albino-Z in N.I.R. Universe

The temple of El lies in the heart of the Opaline Desert. Legends wrought in the vast seas of sand speak of El, a mythical dream sorcerer of the drach, that slept for three full moons, shaping dream-matter into a temple of glorious beauty. It was upon the first look that El's heart was captivated by the untold grace and awe of his own masterpiece. He cried and cried till every tear of joy had left his body, turning himself into a living statue.

Now that the war shrieks of the drach sorcerers are but an echo in time, the temple of El is still slowly disintegrating, creating the vast plains of iridescent sand that surround it; a symbol of the relentless power of dreams.


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