Vexelove - Logo Redesign by akiko

Vexelove - Logo Redesign

by akiko in Design

Vexelove put out the call for a new logo, and because I love them to bits, I couldn't help myself and gave it a shot!

The bottom section shows the process of 'playing' I went through to get the final version. There isn't too much variation between them, but from memory I think I was mainly just trying to give them more options if they liked a slightly tweaked version better.

As there are two main elements to the group, 'vexel' and 'love', I wanted to either use symbolism to show both, or at the very least have the type there to show people what they were about. And as they are based out of deviantART, I also wanted to keep the font used consistent with what dA had rebranded themselves with (I'm a stickler for consistency). Add in a bright pink and you've got yourself a logo!

This logo, to me, is one of the best I've created. Not only did it fit with the purpose, but there were guidelines and things to remember, rather than restrictions, and that really helped me as far as coming up with roughs for the end design.

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