CATC - Flower by akiko

CATC - Flower

by akiko in Traditional Pieces

In February this year I started a course in Commercial Art. Part of the reason I chose this course was because quite a large amount of content in the course is hand-rendered pieces, which is something I've been itching to get better at.

Every week in our first term, we had to finish at least two fully-rendered pieces a week, using only a fine-pointed marker pen. I was terrified because I had never done a serious drawing of any sort, and they were asking us to do it in a permanent ink to boot?!
What I quickly learned however was that it wasn't so terrifying, and that I actually wasn't half-bad at it. Finally my 'perfectionism' gene had found its home, and I wouldn't hand in a piece until I was completely satisfied with it (but still keeping within my deadlines of course!).

The other pieces that I have done so far can be found at:

Reference photo was taking by one of my wonderful friends, Juliane Klinkhardt, and can be found at:

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