Truth is Dead by ajfudge

Truth is Dead

by ajfudge in Truth or Consequence

This was my entry to the 2011 International Day to End Impunity, a tribute to the killings of journalists and media persons around the globe.
I'm proud of this work as it is full of symbolism. This depicts the threat to journalists who seek out the truth about the problems that pollute our society, and in general humanity, today. The body of the man is made up of destroyed newspapers in which the words are there but can't be easily understood; he is lying in a dark road disguised as a "broken TV screen with dead broadcast". The title 's background is the "censorship" block. The blood also doubles as the red-inked errors commonly found in journalist's manuscript. In his tunk are the words "truth" in different languages. And the frame is intentional to make it look like a crime scene photo for investigation.

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