Thirst   Zedj by ajanovic

Thirst Zedj

by ajanovic in Sarajevo City of Light

Thirst _ Zedj;
OPUS: Look Homeward Angel;
From Grand OPUS; Sarajevo City of Light,
BOSNIA in Tragic WAR,
POETIC Beauty and Strength of the Human Spirit,
Acutely observed realism brought a new level of emotional intensity,
Strong, dramatic expression, City Life and Street Scenes,
Observation of physical and psychological reality, Symbolism,
Metaphysics ART, Perception beyond Appearance’s, POETIC TransRealism;
"There the sun doesn’t shine, or the moon, or the stars, nor any earthly fire...
In Its light, invisible; in a secret place,
In the heart It resides."
ARTIST Mirza Ajanovic POETIC Photography,

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