Koi On An Outhouse by aethernevermore

Koi On An Outhouse

by aethernevermore in Murals

This small mural was painted outside of a concrete outhouse, outside of my grandfather's home in the Philippines. Our relatives had requested that my younger brother and I decorate it. I took the side wall and he took the door.

The koi fish had a lot of meaning for my grandfather and I. It represented the enjoyment we had to watch koi fish in ponds and quoting excerpts from one of my favourite children's stories, as a child, "Joanjo" (A Portuguise tale). Although, to this day I am uncertain as to why koi fish were the only fish to elicit quotations from that folk tale.

A notable event that happened while I was painting this image, is that after the first day that I had started, it rained in the afternoon and overnight. The paint was still wet and we were unable to cover it in time and appropriately. Most of the mural was washed off the next day. I was luckily able to recreate it exactly once again within a single day from morning to late afternoon, and it was a hot dry day afterwards.

This painting was done freehand, with commercial outdoor paints, clear sealant, and the worst and cheapest dollar store brushes you can imagine. Ha ha. This was a great 2 day challenge.

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