Artist, Fashion Designer •

Mississauga, Canada

An artist of many forms, AEther Nevermore loves to create on both the spectrum of light and dark. From the cuteness of unicorns and cupcakes to the macabre of zombies and skeletons, Nevermore aims to capture characters, situations, and fantasies that obsess in her mind.

With no formal post-secondary training, she was taught in the arts of drawing, painting, graphic arts and metal embossing by her late father; learned to do various 3D paper arts from her mother; and sewing from her grandmother. She even enjoys working on wood projects as her grandfather involved her in the making of stools and doing house repairs. Her wishes, are to one day be able to go to University or College for for art and fashion.

Currently, she draws using pencils, inks, markers, and also enjoys playing with digital colouring. She designs alternative fashion dresses for women, clothing for male small breed dogs, and looks to having her clothing business flourish to accommodate menswear and children's wear. Some of her drawn designs can be purchased on shirts and shoes online.

Nevermore, lives in Mississauga, ON (Canada) with her husband, pets, and collections of random "stuff".