Atoll 7 by adamkuczek

Atoll 7

by adamkuczek in aRevolution

Concept for a personal project called 'aRevolution'.

Overall view on Atoll 7. Built close to the land, it acts both, as a thriving megalopolis and water purification station. Huge water pumps surrounding the city suck the sea water in, filter it and distribute all over the city as well as through the air channels towards the land. Special green houses and bio-plantations take care of development of new breeds of plants, since most of the original Earth plants died out decades years ago. Some modified plant species already grow wildly, covering the surroundings.

Central part of the atoll is also filled with greenery, with numerous multi-levelled parks and other recreation areas. A super-speed highway, so-called LinkWay, connects the main part of the city with the Silver Fin - government HQ and city systems' AI, developed by aliens in co-operation with human technicians. A force-field, penetrable only by solid objects (like vehicles) surrounds the atoll, preventing any by-products of water purification or remaining germs to pollute the city's air.

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