Snow Leopard by aadraw

Snow Leopard

by aadraw in Color Pencil

Snow Leopard
Crap Canson A4 140gsm
Faber Castell watercolors, 0.5 2B graphite
Plastic Eraser
+/- 8 hours

So, my first drawing using color pencils in ages (10~15 years?.. O.o)!

I don't really like it, I couldn't find the right colors and used a pretty crap paper, since I had no idea how bad or w/e it would be in the end.

Reference photo by, dig his gallery!!

I'll do some more color stuff in the future, right now I'm relieved that I finished it and can come back to my so called graphite art. :P

All feedback, caress and flaming are welcome. Thanks.

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