Last Ones Standing - Oblivion by Zummerfish

Last Ones Standing - Oblivion

by Zummerfish in Featured DA works

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In continuation of statue series. Recently I've been thinking that I dislike overly complex works, with huge compositional area and lots of details in every corner. It makes my eyes roam and conveying mood/message is much more challenging that way compared to when you have limited area and means and thus you can focus the eye of the beholder on certain things and symbols. It also feels more gratifying and intense to use as little material as possible.

The idea behind this work was to give the objects a sense of artificiality. Whereas in gothic/macabre themed artwork the statues would have been (probably) "bleeding", here I opted to substitute blood for a man-made kind of liquid. Machine oil for artificiality and molten gold came to my mind first. I also think that yellowish tones better correspond with cyberpunk/postapocalyptic universe. To underscore the idea of artificial constructs I deliberately added modern piece of installation art to frame classical sculpture.
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