The Transcendental Bed by ZodiarkDarkja

The Transcendental Bed

by ZodiarkDarkja in Impressionism

Oil on Primed Paper
December 2012

What to write here? well, I have this beautiful painting out of the scanner now, and in my hands. And now I'm thinking ' where to start'. It is sometimes unusual that how we we unable to describe our own paintings. Well, here's a start:
The normal viewer sees a bed; a somewhat stylized bed. I have had been practicing with cross-hatching and the artistic power of parallel lines, but had only limited them to the crisp white paper of my sketchbook.
Now, I practiced these with oil paints too, and these give a rather unique feel to the viewer. Separate from what is displayed on my sketchbook. An easier interpretation would be 'more dreamy' perhaps. So, YES! this is 'the' emotive bed. How I see the morning, the pale yellow- young amber rays. Cracking me out from the shell of my dream- Pulling em back from the Astral into this 'Reality'. The yellowish tints in this give me the feeling of dizziness- even a little annoying. Like I have just woken up.
I could go on and on about the yellow in this. But, alas! Lets move on to the folds. The folds of the bed.
I admit that I made the folds as a challenge. A plain bed would've been quite easy,but more 'impressionistic'. But I am happy with these folds; reflecting the moment- the first light.
The Abstraction- This is the power of parallel lines ( beneath the bed), Incomplete- Rapidly Changing. Time is creating the next scene. Hence, I could not use the whole paper.

This concludes my basic interpretation of my artwork. I urge the viewer and the art enthusiast to not be limited my words- Feel free to interpret it as you like.

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