The Forgotten One by ZodiarkDarkja

The Forgotten One

by ZodiarkDarkja in Knife Paintings

Details from my Google+:

"After a few inactive hours, I'm posting something worth-while the wait (at least to me). I present to you, The Forgotten One Oil on Paper (A4 at that, and yup I have one less printing paper..)..
The first two images are for 'show-off' literally, and have been 'enhanced' for viewing pleasure. But I'm also uploading the real images (as captured), so that one can clearly see the original colors and stuff.


So, umm the details:

The day before yesterday, I was feeling very low and sad (Result Day!), so it was almost dinner time; and I had almost half an hour to spare, and thinking of nothing else I started painting whatever came to my mind. So obviously, i was in a negative mood, so painted a person being blown away in the wind. Since a little 'annoyed', i ignored the 'rules', and ended up creating this; completely freehand....
Afterwards, I noticed that Holy S**t, this really looks abit awesome I'm gonna make a series on them.. So yeah, I really am going to create a series of paintings like these."

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