Bamboo by ZodiarkDarkja


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Title Bamboo
Digital Gray-Scale Painting

I dont have a color printer, so I wanted to make something that I could just print out at home. So, after quite some time, thinking that what would lok better in gray-scale; I decided upon a painting/illustration of bamboo stalk in water. The image depicts a bamboo stalk dipped in water; with some light water waves (caused by things outside the canvas; imagine anything.. :) ); the white portions are the clouds being reflected by the water.
Hope you all like it!

I spent a lot of time on the darn reflection of the bamboo stalk. I didn't want it to reflected fully, and wanted partial reflection. So, the deciding the correct limits of the partial reflection took some trial and error; hence the partial reflection is somewhat justified by the darkening of the water surface at the bottom of the screen (with the darkness being caused by particles/dirt in the water)

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