Michael Emerson by Zindy

Michael Emerson

by Zindy in Portraits

Another one of my Lost drawings from a few years back...

The scary Ben from Lost. After my previous Hurley drawing I wanted to do another challenging character. Needless to say Ben is not my favourite character on Lost, he scares me though I did get a tiny bit of sympathy for him at one point in season 5.

I used a lot of hours on this drawing, to really get the skin structure of the aging skin as well as the lines. His expression around eyes and mouth I loved working on; to see this whole creepy look take form was rather interesting.
I have never felt very comfortable drawing men, let alone aging men but after creating this drawing I feel much better and I feel like I managed to take a step further which is really a great feeling.

Soft charcoal
29x21 cm | 11x8"

Created from a screen capture from Lost.

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