Jorge Garcia by Zindy

Jorge Garcia

by Zindy in Portraits

This portrait was done as a tribute to one of my favourite characters from a TV series of all time. I loved Lost, pretty much up until the end. Hurley added something amazing to the show. I always said if they killed off Hurley in the show I would stop watching it and I was happy he lasted all the way through the series.
The drawing is based on a screen capture of Lost, I think it was one of the late seasons. I generally prefer using screen captures when doing portraits as they are not posed and are all natural and emotional.

I actually sent this to Jorge Garcia and he posted this photo on his blog:

The reason I like Jorge is because he keeps grounded and don't act like he's better than everyone else, I wish more celebs were like him.

Charcoal, 29.7x21cm | 11.7x8.2"

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