Flower Girl Plumeria by Zindy

Flower Girl Plumeria

by Zindy in Portraits

I finally got back to my flower girl series, which I started 6 years ago. This year I found my dusty soft pastels and began using them again. It's been a couple of years without any usage of them and it does feel good to be back. I forgot why I fell in love with them so many years ago but it's slowly coming back to me.

The pretty model is Emi, who took the pose/photo for me a couple of years ago.
I am very happy to have her be my first of the new round of Flower Girls - she's the 7th flower girl in the row.

Pastels and charcoal.
See more about the materials I use here: http://zindy-zone.dk/html/drawings/tutorial_index.htm
29.9x21cm | 11.7x8.2"

If you'd like to model for one of my girls read more here: http://zindy-zone.dk/html/competitions/flower_girl_model.html

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