2 of wands - choosing my path by Zindy

2 of wands - choosing my path

by Zindy in Zindy Art

I am part of a very exciting project where 78 different artists each create their version of a card in a tarot deck.
My drawing 2 of Wands is finally completed. I've called it Choosing my path.
When I went into this project I had no knowledge about Tarot cards, I always found them a bit scary to be honest.
There weren't many cards left to choose from when I joined the project but when I saw 2 of wands I felt it was my card right away. Afterwards I went to read about it and I just knew it was the perfect card for me in many ways...
I loved doing this drawing. I put a lot of hours into it but enjoyed every minute of it.
I wanted the card to be a classic emotive girl of mine.
She's put together by different things, the arms are mine - I took some photos holding a couple of brooms to make the angle look correct. I tried to make her face look like my beautiful friend Anja-Amanda and the dress folds are from www.liam-stock.deviantart.com's dresses. The rest is imaginary, it's usually how I work, I love combining realistic elements with fantasy imaginary stuff, sort of mixing it up and make it original.

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