Journey to the west poster by Zhenvision

Journey to the west poster

by Zhenvision in Illustration

A theatre poster for ballet based one of the four greatest Chinese novels - journey to the west.

Journey to the West (西遊記) is one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature.

The novel is a fictionalised account of the legendary pilgrimage to India of the Buddhist monk Xuanzang, and loosely based its source from the historic text Great Tang Records on the Western Regions and traditional folk tales. The monk travelled to the "Western Regions" during the Tang dynasty, to obtain sacred texts (sūtras). The Bodhisattva Guan Yin, on instruction from the Buddha, gives this task to the monk and his three protectors in the form of disciples — namely Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing — together with a dragon prince who acts as Xuanzang's steed, a white horse. These four characters have agreed to help Xuanzang as an atonement for past sins.

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