Shadowness is SuperNatural. by Zamdikto

Shadowness is SuperNatural.

by Zamdikto in For the win

A vector made plainly in Photoshop CS4, no other 3d softwares. It comes with different styles. By the way, I have a little mis-spelled words, instead of plain I edited it as plane (it comes in my mind first, stupidity should I say).

It defines as a human who opened his arms showing the strength of an artist. Through SHADOWNESS it becomes stronger. Blue color defines the faith that remain and deepening it in the heart of an artist that never surrenders different fights and chaos. :) Black color defines the shadow and the spirit of an artist that conquers the imaginary impossibilities to a possible power of imagination.

That's the power of a SuperNatural, SHADOWNESS...

-Benedict Gallego Zambo

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