Horned IsaMata Pulpo by Zamdikto

Horned IsaMata Pulpo

by Zamdikto in Illustrations

A fast horned and One-double-eye intelligent 8-tentacled creature. A Herbivorous creature but once you disturb her, she will crumple you like a paper. IsaMata is an endangered specie of its generation. Every month and she attacks island containing plants after she sleeps. A Reddish Acidic Sticky Slime on her body is its defense mechanism, once you touch you get burn, missiles melts, everything on contact with it, melts... Once you see her going to your island, no doubt, run! Leave your city/island. Let her feed...

DEFENSE: Reddish acidic and sticky slime / gel.

SPEED: As fast as a normal dog.

ATTACK: Poisonous air / breathing, sharp voice, acidic tentacles.

BODY: BoneHead, Hard like a Carbon steel, Sticky but acidic...

LIFESTYLE: Sleeps in a month 10 km. underwater, Eats in 2 weeks on land. Can survive 1 month in the land as long as there is a plant / herb...

LIFE SPAN: 100-120 years. only 1,000 survive per year. lays 500 eggs.

FOOD: Any plants.

DAMAGE: 10 - 15 hectare-island per week.

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