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For more please goto my Cure Gallery. Name there is 'yayacosplay'.

To start off, I am Chinese and lived in China for the first several
years of my life, and then moved to Germany with my mother. I remained in Europe for during my teen years got to travel a lot with my family
because my stepdad was a Flight Attendant with Lufthansa Airlines.
Where other kids in my class were staying in Germany during the summer, I was visiting exotic locations such as Thailand and Egypt. I think
through those experiences I became brave enough to move to the
United States on my own.

Here I lived in Arizona and Las Vegas until settling in Atlanta, GA. I have a lot of friends here and in Florida so it's really nice to be so close to the people I love. It is also a very convenient city and I can also reach 80% of all US cons within a 12 hour driving radius, which
is super important for my cosplay accessories business. I even have a
box truck and a work van just to hold all my products and display cases and racks for the many cons I set up booths at.