Two Of Us by Yamifan101

Two Of Us

by Yamifan101 in Conceptual/other

Finally, the last day of my 365 Day Photo Challenge. It's been such a wonder to finally come to the end of this project, having the opportunity to complete this challenge alongside my friends was huge for me ♥. Madison and I when we were working together was such a powerful and meaningful time for us, myself especially, I'd say. It paid off and gave me a lot of experiences I'm very grateful of.

This 365 Day Challenge perfectly framed the prime, fall, rise, and fall again of mine and Madison's friendship, which looking back, gives a quite strange and unexplainable feeling. So I decided my last photo should be what started it all.

xo Thanks Madison, for being an impeccable muse, for giving me the greatest time of my life, and for showing me The Beatles ♥

Courtney xx

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