Walking Blind by XxEmoVeggiexX

Walking Blind

by XxEmoVeggiexX in My OC

My OC Halo. he's part of my personality. He's the Blind one.

He's Blind because he hates to see the real world and what lies that he could hear from his ears. The halo ( Not the Angel halo. The hospital one they use to straighten the spine) Is to help him walk better.

Halo is a Giant..Very HUGE.

He was sent to an Mental Hospital by having some sort of skitz freak out ep, and was put in a straight jacket, his spine curved and ripped put of his skin.

He No longer talks and always carries a Lantern.

Um okay I know there's problems in the anatomy range, but I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone here, his hand is small because of moving away to feel walls.

I enjoy how he came out :D

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