Dead mans hall by XxEmoVeggiexX

Dead mans hall

by XxEmoVeggiexX in Practice art

I really can't do Backgrounds, but I must learn somewhere now :)

Just practicing, What can I improve on? I really like some tips, they help me allot :heart

I know it's very dark and rushed, but I'll do better ones sometime soon :)

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  • EhscisWood


    The dark hall, the deep Hell, the places of Earth deep and fell; how does one fair against the undead that cares? A fine piece, my recommendation would be to remove the blur effects and give it more solid structure! This is your "before" piece, your base, you can improve it with wood details (or stone, hardware structure in general if you prefer), enhance the fires running along the walls with bright fire and alight the walls in a deathly glow (added red, something unnatural for the "dead" effect) for added feature. Really this is a very inspiring piece, it only needs to be finished!

    Oct 5th, 2012 Reply