XtractDesigns commented on Complete self-lost between deep blues

ahhh some traditional media on this site, thank god! :) first wanna say based on your entire body of work you are a great colorist and apparently a very busy person which i respect. I would say my favorite part about this ( and not to discredit anything else that was done here) would be the texture created for the upper left hand corner of the painting. I think think I would have liked to see that little part of the back that was shown developed just a tad more before it starts to get runny and blotched, and also I think if you kept that same deep blue in the center of the piece of the bg and pulled that light blue area down it would have helped to make that bit of detail on the front of the body pop out more. Not sure how controllable the process of creating that bg was so perhaps there was nothing to do about that. Anyways what i'm trying to say is i enjoy this piece overall, just some issues with balance of lights+darks for the overall composition is what i'd do different but thats just my two cents...sry for being so wordy dont know if any of that helped lol

Jul 21st, 2007