Recharge by Xetsa


by Xetsa in Cats

Mani taking a nap on my dresser next to the window. He looked so beautiful laying there with the sun warming his little body I couldn't resist...

Some facts:
Breed: DSH (domestic short hair)
Color: Gold Tabby
Very much so different from a "brown" tabby as he's more gold-orange in hue and Mani is also flecked with silver on the tips of his hair.

Quick FAQ:
"How many cats do you have?!"
I have a total of twelve (12) cats with my grandfather's cats included. No I am not some crazy cat lady (well sorta) but for the last seven years I have foster cats and kittens. From bottle babies only a few hours old to a twenty-five (25) year old cat to mother cats with litters as large as thirteen (13) kittens.

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