Give me your hand by Xetsa

Give me your hand

by Xetsa in Cats

So that I may chew on it and scratch it up....

Mani again because he's so fun to play with and is the easier of my two kittens to photograph. Asher was playing with him and rough housing using his hand which he had just pulled away as I snapped this photo.

Some facts:
Breed: DSH (domestic short hair)
Color: Gold Tabby
Very much so different from a "brown" tabby as he's more gold-orange in hue and Mani is also flecked with silver on the tips of his hair.

Quick FAQ:
"How many cats do you have?!"
I have a total of twelve (12) cats with my grandfather's cats included. No I am not some crazy cat lady (well sorta) but for the last seven years I have foster cats and kittens. From bottle babies only a few hours old to a twenty-five (25) year old cat to mother cats with litters as large as thirteen (13) kittens.

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