Silence the Dance by XGNYC

Silence the Dance

by XGNYC in Digital Art

Mixed Media - Photo Manipulation...

This was created in 2009 as an entry for an art competition "Season's of the Wolf III" in support of Lupus awareness. This art placed 2nd in the contest.

"Lupus"= comes from the Latin meaning wolf and refers to the erythematous red ulcerations on the face.

It is said that people with Lupus are forced to "Dance with the Wolf"
I hope with increased awareness of this disease, in the future we can help those that suffer to "Silence the Dance"

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Image Size: Due to recent issues with art theft, I no longer upload large images of my art on the internet. Thank you for your understanding.

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"Silence the Dance" is an artwork design of XG Designs NYC 2009. All of my artwork/designs are copyright protected. Please do not use, copy, reproduce, manipulate, reprint, redirect, redistribute or claim my artwork as your own. By doing so you will be violating terms of my copyright as well as the terms of the stocks that I have incorporated to create my designs.

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