by XGNYC in Digital Art


Thank you all for the kind words and favorites. I appreciate it very much!

Patch is a lonely scarecrow in the corn field. Nobody goes into the cornfield for fear that it is haunted! Legend says Patch comes alive at night and that you will disappear too if you dare to pay a visit to his cornfield! Poor patch.. his only friends are the very crows that he is meant to scare away! Will you go and visit Patch.. he is lonely after all..

Mixed Media Photo manipulation.

Stock Images:
** some original stock in this image may have been replaced with purchased stocks for commercial purposes. ***



* All other stocks, textures and painting are by me.

I apologize for the small image sizes that I upload. Due to past art theft experiences I no longer upload large sized images of my arts. Thank you for your understanding.

Copyright Notice: "PATCH" is an artwork design of XG Designs NYC © 2008-2011. All of my art/designs are copyright protected. Please do not use, copy, reproduce, manipulate, reprint, redirect, redistribute or claim my artwork as your own. By doing so you will be violating terms of my copyright as well as the terms of the stocks that I have incorporated to create my designs.

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