Autumn by XGNYC


by XGNYC in Digital Art

Thank you for your comments and for the favorites of this art. I appreciate your kindness and support!

If Mother Nature changed her appearance with each season..
This is what I envision that she might look like during Autumn.

**So far this is my only Daily Deviation awarded to me
from my Deviantart gallery. **

Mixed Media- Photomanipulation:
Created in Photoshop, incorporating the following..
• 3D stock
• Photo stock
• Fractal stock
• Textures
• Brushes
• Digital Painting
• Gradients & Gradient Maps

Stock Credits:

Eyelashes =
Beads, Vines, Hair =
Foliage & Glitter =


*Other stocks, textures and digital paintings and effects are by me.

Image Size: I apologize for the smaller image size uploads of my works. Due to past experience with art theft I no longer upload large files sizes of my work. Thank you for your understanding.

*Copyright Notice: "Autumn" is an artwork design of XG Designs NYC © 2008-2011. All of my art/designs are copyright protected. Please do not use, copy, reproduce, manipulate, reprint, redirect, redistribute or claim my artwork as your own. By doing so you will be violating terms of my copyright as well as the terms of the stocks that I have incorporated to create my designs.

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