Vapor Edifice by Wroth

Vapor Edifice

by Wroth in Digital Art

As the title suggests the interest here is the contrast of mist and stone. One photograph contained a wave of cloud and a second photograph showed a range of frozen mountains, the digital double exposure produces this composite. The fleeting and the enduring, people have a habit of placing a greater value on what seems more lasting. But what is materially insubstantial and brief may be more important in some cases. It is no mistake the mountains are over shadowed by the ephemeral height.

The practice of photography drives this contemplation, chasing insubstantial light and catching fleeting moments, making them endure. Making art is not only about sharing how we see the world, it’s also about changing the way we see it.

Two frame photo manipulation [composite], stock made myself. Thank you for your support, your feedback and critiques are always welcome.

Prints available at The Untapped Source & at DeviantArt

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