The Black Gale - Sketch by Wroth

The Black Gale - Sketch

by Wroth in Digital Art

My good friend /snowmask spent some ridiculous time making a ridiculously sweet draft for her up coming oil painting, "Sea Wings". And was nice enough to share it with me and let me use it for my own interpretation and digital painting.

Go check out the draft in detail, click above.

Photoshop CS3 & wacom. Zoom view for details.

This version here is a sketch to use as a guide for a higher resolution version I hope I have time to paint soon. The whole thing is going to need to be painted again for print and to pack more details in, but I'll show the sketch for now.

A lot more labor intensive than the typical type of sketches I do, which are generally a mixed media paint + digital composite. In this case specific close reference was not available, so, this sketch is all paint working off the lineart at just 1261x1684 px.

Thanks to /meredith , /khavinsky , my sis, and of course /snowmask for their feedback during the design of this. Your feedback and critiques are always welcome, Thank you for your support.

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