Floralcosm Calendar by Wroth

Floralcosm Calendar

by Wroth in Calendars

Prints available for $25 at DeviantArt

A calendar with a floral theme. It is not my primary subject or expertise but I hope it has a wider appeal and finds people who will enjoy it.

See the print at the link above for larger views of each page.

Nearly all the photo contents where re-cut and re-mixed to fit this specific format. More colorful and brighter versions to match the white matting better, new crops, etc. So they differ slightly from the originals and to preview the exact pages you should visit the print and use the page selection features. The pieces are;

January: Dancing In The Moonlight I
February: Floralcosm I
March: Floralcosm II
April: Floralcosm III
May: Kill for Pleasure
June: Song of Summer XII
July: (Untitled Wood Lilies)
August: Meadow in the Fading Light II
September: Song of Summer VIII
October: Destinies Intertwined II
November: Jeweled Chalice
December: (Untitled Bee)

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