Dancers II by Wroth

Dancers II

by Wroth in Digital Photography

Grass in the wind, a painterly series of experiments. In this piece more than any of my others, the physical presence of the camera in my hands translates through to the final image, imho. Like the brush strokes on a painting, the "performance of the exposure", is very visible to me in the end work.

That performance is something private for me most of the time, I do not like to work with people around me when I shoot, and do not like to have the performance so visible in the final work that is obscures what else I try to put into it. In this case though it all comes through in a way, the feel of camera hand held tightly in the gusting wind and waning sun of evening. The clicking of dials and buttons narrating the moves in a mental chess game I wade against time and light. The frenetic repositioning on my knees in the mud to fix the relationships of my elements before the tightening of breath, steadying of my body, the quiet slam of the mirror catches a little piece of reality. The focus of emotional/internal energy on finding a way to live up to the potential of this moment. All of that, that camera as a flexible instrument and it's use, the dance; at lest to my eye is woven into the fabric of this shot in a balanced way.

Thank you for your support, your feedback and critiques are always welcome.

Prints available at DeviantArt

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