fruit of knowledge by Wenart

fruit of knowledge

by Wenart in Digital Painting

Adam and eve are the first human created by GOD
they are pure creature with many ability.
they ate the fruit of knowledge that offered by a serpent.
once they became smart, they Chalange the GOD in a war.
human side was lost, and GOD punish them.
GOD torn human`s wings and tail, which is the human power`s source. and banish them into midgard.
and then GOD makes an Angel from the wings, and a Devil from the tail, and send them to earth along with Human.

and then GOD says: "I forgive u my son, but I must give u a test to proove that u are worth to back in Heaven once again, I send u two things, an angel and a demon to u, both of them is a Happiness, one of them is bring back u to my throne, and one of them is gona crush u to death and bring u deeper to the ground, choose wisely my kids", GOD gives His last message to the Human and back to His throne with tears on His eyes.

whee... I am not a Christian, but I read Bible sometime, and Bible have many inspiring story inside it, adam and eve`s story is one of them XD, sadly, Bible is using a quite deep words (for me) and its need a time to understand the story XD

anyway, I have a test next week, I dunno if I can draw something next weekend, this pic is also an experimental drawing, I want to drawing something like "child story book" or something like that. XD

5 hours + wacom (since many people dont understand grapphire4 XD ) + photoshop 7

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