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Erbil, iraq

...life..strange to born for death

My name is Zewar Fadhil, and I am currently I am living in Kurdistan, Iraq. Photography is something that came to me in 2011 when I purchased my first professional quality camera. although I would in no way call myself a professional since I'm still learning as I go.
I pay a great attention to detail to sculpt together deeply poetic and melancholic photos. The vital themes that bring my work to life are subtle yet always evident. Desolation, isolation, solitude and sadness are all part of my work, and the single greatest force behind my work is my own personal life experience.
My work is something that is very much inspired by the pain of human existence. I try to bring out the isolation and suffering that I have experienced in my own life to create something that is haunting and full of depth, something that will linger on the viewers tongue with a familiar taste. I want what I create to be a window, to offer a slightly different perspective on the sorrows that life gives. The only way to come to terms with the darkness in life is to accept it and find something beautiful in it; that's what I do, I find beauty in my pain, and every pain is a chance for me to create.
Most of all this work is a way for me to ease a burden that I carry on my own shoulders. Exposing that pain and loneliness in my life is a type of freedom for me.
I might take photos, but my true passion is in conveying raw human emotion with a softness that intensifies the beauty of a heartrending message.