Photographer • dog8myphotos.com

Kelowna, Canada

For me photography is about the fun of finding the images and then the printing of the photographs. I find no difference in the cartoon style photography or the "serious" B&W, fine art style or photojournalism. It is the exploration of the world around me in photographs. A way of seeing and then communicating this to others through photography.
You can find some of the more serious me on one of my blogs at "spacetimebeing.blogspot.ca"
Started doing photography in 1970. Working mostly in black and doing all my own processing and printing. Ran a photography business in the 1980's and early 1990's. Now doing photography digitally, but going back to film every now and then. Also taking the first steps into digital art (have a very long way to go) with Poser, Hexagon, Bryce, and Daz. As a working photographer all commissions welcome.