Shadowness - VinQuilop 50%Digital artist, 50%procrastinator. en Portrait of the Holy Grail <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />Digital painting study on Renaissance faces, 3 hours. Thu, 27 Oct 2011 00:45:15 -0400 Steve Jobs <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />The Apple of Our Eyes - Steve Jobs, Rest in peace. Thu, 06 Oct 2011 03:28:01 -0400 The Holy Trinity of Pop Music <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />A digital painting of Pop Music idolatry. Fri, 02 Sep 2011 09:46:24 -0400 Perlas ng Kanluran (Pearl of the West) <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />A painting on Filipino Western colonization / Western colonial mentality. Thu, 18 Aug 2011 11:11:43 -0400 Katy Perry <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />Digital poster of Katy Perry's Vanity Fair mag cover pose. :) Did this piece for 4 hours (almost?) Sun, 31 Jul 2011 22:27:52 -0400 Luna Lovegood <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />She's akshely a part of a bigger project I did for Harry Potter. Almost 4 hours of painting; had fun on painting her, esp. the hair. :) Sun, 24 Jul 2011 08:45:12 -0400 GagaLisa <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />MonaLisa turned Lady Gaga! Thu, 21 Jul 2011 00:36:18 -0400 Katy Perry <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />My first ever digital painting back in 2010. :) Wed, 20 Jul 2011 11:03:34 -0400 Song Hye Kyo <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />Korean actress Song Hye Kyo caricature. Reference: Wed, 20 Jul 2011 01:08:38 -0400 Avril in Wonderland <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />Avril Lavigne, (tho it looks like Ashely Tisdale. lol) Alice digital poster. Reference: Wed, 20 Jul 2011 00:18:28 -0400