yoji shinkawa snake fan art by Vimes

yoji shinkawa snake fan art

by Vimes in Personal Favourites

Drew this a few months ago and was one of my first goes with a brush pen and copics but I still really like how it came out, I think I captured the essence of the original. I wrote a description with on on Da which I will post here too :D

"So purchased the great artbook by Yoji Shinkawa on the art of metal gear solid.
Think this game is probably my all time favourite, just have such strong memorys of it when it first came out, remember being amazed at the demo when it was first released and then getting the game the day it came out. Certianly left the biggest impression on my memory of any games.
Always remember the amazing artwork and whole asthetic from the game and loved it so much when it first came out, but never actually thought about getting his artbook until recently.

His whole style is heavily ink based and looks so stylish, so I also purchased a brush pen by pentel (which I actually found out after is the pen he used himself.) This is one of my first drawings using a proper ink pen of sorts so I'm quite pleased with it, I also copied his colouring style of using little patches of colour, which works really well.


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  • Dynnnad


    Very interesting piece, looks really nice!

    May 8th, 2011 Reply