vegeta daily sketch by Vimes

vegeta daily sketch

by Vimes in Personal Favourites


Vegeta for daily sketch challenge. Loved this show growing up, Vegeta was always my favorite character too, was always one step behind goku and I loved how proud he was. Had a great voice actor though they changed it later in the series and it was still pretty good but not the same. They did it with goku too if I remember, hated it when that happens, I remember being so annoyed when those voice actors changed, it's the worst thing you can do in a series, the voice is the character essentially.

Drawing vegeta is actually what started me getting serious in art aswell, remember doing those dbz drawing tutorials and drew vegeta all the time, I still remember the pattern for drawing him now, with the big m shaped hairline rectangular eyes and the 2 temple lines. I think one of the reasons why I draw so many scowling characters is because of all that time spent drawing vegeta .

Bit disappointed with the likeness though I mean the proportions are funky (always are on dbz characters anyway, but mine is just full of errors anyway), I'd thought after all these years of drawing since the last time I drew him I'd do a better job, but still it was a hell of alot easier to draw than I remember it being , tempted to do another one because I know I can get the likeness spot on if I spend some more time on it.

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