Thai Spirit in The Paradise by Victorior

Thai Spirit in The Paradise

by Victorior in Imagination Of Victorior

Hi everybody,
I have done this personal work for Thai group that I have joined, a purpose for develope and improve digital painting for the member of the group.
I have done by Photoshop and the topic is about anything that you need to paint but it must has inspiration from Thailand.
So, I paint an elephent becouse it is the symbolic about animal in Thailand and and in Thai culture in some city, the elephent is a pet and they feed such as any kind of pet. The Thai elephents are very closer with people. This screen is about a man and an elephent went to the waterfall in paradise for taking a bath (in Thailand, they always do that in the waterfall..not paradise hehe

I combined the concept with my imagination. And practice about perspective and movment screen..No reference for elephant and a man, so there are so many sorry.
But i will keep it up, I hope you will enjoy with them and Thanks

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