Life is Messy by Victorior

Life is Messy

by Victorior in Imagination Of Victorior

Hi guys
I have my personal work to share with you, I called it "LiFE"
At the beginning I did it just because I want to practice about character design that I spent my 1 hour everyday to develop it but in the meantime it continue to be something more for me, it was like a journey and I was really enjoy with it.
"LiFE" is the project that I got inspiration from animation film around the world such as PIXAR, Disney,Ghibli, Dreamwork, Blue Sky..etc.. ^^Thanks so much for those of studio that inspiring us..
I did this project just because of LOVE. So I didn't expect or plan anything for the result.For the theme, I have inspiration from Thai hermit and thai student. There are 5 characters, ex-leader, leader, big innocent guy, a nun and the boy.

The story of "LIFE" it is about a naughty boy that field trip with his classmate but he had lost the way with his teacher and friends in the forest...then the story was begun..

You can see more detail of the image and color script on CGTalk forum in this


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