Young Severus Snape Dreams by UmbraRegina

Young Severus Snape Dreams

by UmbraRegina in Fan Art

His dreams where dominated by the smile connected to a face that lit his inner being. A smile that melted his glacier heart and allowed him to know how the warmth of love felt. Her love caressed him with two emerald wells of passion, which engulfed his once cold dreams. Now he dreams in colours, colours of swirling reds, greens and sky blues.

He smiles -- does he smile? Perhaps – but only when the distant wind floats a tinkling sound. The sound of a little girl once mesmerised over a dark wizard. Did they grow apart? Did she really love -- HIM? He breathed a half gulp of forlorn air. For now, he would think for what seemed most of his young life in the special place, their place, he and Lily's place in the forest where dreams once were lived. Lovely dreams that lived before that messy haired marauder came along.


I painted over the model and painted in a bush along side him for an extra effect to the background. I added more texture to the manipulation as well. Thank you for viewing.

(forest background)

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