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I want to say I am still here on the site. I have been incredibly busy lately. Much to do. I will be back on reviewing and adding more work here very soon. I wanted to let my fans know this. See you all later. :hug

Seasonal update:

Autumn is upon us, and with it brings a lot of busyness. Busy in the way of classes, my church, my family and friends. This is when baking gets more exciting and the season becomes more showy. Showy in the way of yellows, reds and browns floating through the air and landing on park paths, streets and lawns in the form of beautiful leaves of many shapes and sizes. Quite stunning, and brings a contented smile to my face.

I say let the snow and skiing begin! Yes, I will be here a lot reviewing and contributing to this lovely site. I thought I would make a small update for the season to let my friends here know what keeps me busiest this time of year. Have a lovely day everyone. Now -- on to the small bio below. ::hugs::

From a small girl, I have always been interested in art. Fast forward a few years and currently, I am a photo manipulator mostly, but I also have an interest in photography, and digital painting. My first piece here is a digital abstract done in shades of blue. As far as oils and such, I wish I could paint like a pro, but maybe one day; however, now I am working on being more proficient in what I create. I find this site fascinating; I am happy to be a part of it.

I am very busy at the moment forming projects, and going to class. Lots of studying, and then I will get to my work I wish to add here. The more I brows in here the more I like this place. Now, off I go to get things done. Have a lovely day anyone that is reading this. :)

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