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Hyderabad, India

My name is Ujjal and I share my art on the internet. That’s generally the extent of what most people know about me. Besides trivial things like my favorite bands and my love of certain caffeine laced beverages, of course.

I don’t generally share the more personal aspects of my life with the world. But, I seem to have reached a point where I’m willing to…. at the moment, anyway. I’m jumping on this current state of mind and sharing a bit more about myself. It’s my blog after all.

For the entirety of my adult life I have pursued a career in art. Growing up I wanted nothing else and although I knew I’d never give up, I was never sure I could actually achieve it. I was, however, very determined and I love my job.

It does leave me wondering where I’m going to end up years down the line. I had always figured that it would take me a long time to get here and yet, here I am. I’ve had a clear set of goal posts for a long time and now I’ve reached them… they’re moving again. Not a feeling I like.

The goal posts are always moving. As to where they’re going? I have no idea.

I have a very, very small group of friends. It wouldn’t be too far off the mark to describe me as something of a loner. But, I’m okay with that. I had shitty friends in the past and these days a few good friends is all I need.