Serial Thinker, Insane writer •

Montgomery, USA

Deviantart is: Ze-Lichling-Elite
Here's a little about me: I'm an avid industrial music addict. Doesn't matter what its mixed with, if its remotely industrial I'll listen to it though I have a particular interest in German Industrial music. I'm in to most forms of techno and metal, not big on screamo however. I like some classical and celtic music. Other than music I'm into video games, reading, and art. I'm on a legal studies path at AUM while taking AFROTC at ASU. I have a semi-obsession with foreign languages and painting and a full-blown obsession with human morbidity and space marines and drawing dragons and eyes. I'm easy to get along with despite my inability to properly show emotion. I hate weakness and insipid ideals. I'm blunt, empathic, and I won't put up with crap from people. I'm hoping that by joining a site like this I can grow more as an artist, and not have the headaches that the larger sites pose.